We dreamt up Hurt2Help in 2007 on a road trip to Amman Jordan with a well-earned Corona in hand. Our great idea? To compete, complete & enjoy international endurance events while raising funds for worthy charities worldwide! Why not?


We are proud to say that since then our not-for-profit, husband & wife team has conquered both the 2008 Marathon des Sables and the 2010 TransAlpineRun raising a total of A$23,000 for Facing Africa NOMA.


This year Hurt2Help revisits the MdS in the deserts of Morocco (you can never have enough sand!) and has proudly doubled in size as good friends, Benny & Andrea, join our fundraising team.


All four of us are eager to test personal strength against the extremes in the hope these  efforts are  worthy of your hard earned cash in support.

shelley & gav phillips

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When a friend needed a goal and motivation we decided to join him in the MDS.  And when Gavin & Shelley suggested we raise money for Facing Africa at the same time we thought "what a great idea".  Racing snakes, we are not.  Honed athletes with perfect bodies and olympic medals, we are not. But what we do have though is hopefully enough tenacity and grim persistence to get us through the MDS.  Andrea suffers from a back injury after a road accident so with the help of physio (thanks Kate!), Pirates (thanks Johnny Depp) oops Pilates, and lots of drugs (prescription!), we won't be running the MDS but we will be walking as fast as our little legs will carry us!  Poor old Benny, who hated cardiovascular exercise of any kind as it interfered with his weight training, is growing to enjoy our desert walks, though perhaps enjoy is too strong a word!

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We do the hurting. Will you do the helping?

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