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We could not compete, train, live without elete™!


Our super compact, super concentrated super electrolyte add-in is essential to our well-being throughout all our events but for the Marathon des Sables it's small size makes it even more unbeatable!


Thank you again for all your support elete™ .. we succeed with your product!



As ever the super creative, super generous team at Odd care

for all our tee, hat and logo needs.


Thanks again, guys!


Looking cool in the desert because of you .. !!

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Gratefully fuelled by

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"Designed to increase muscle endurance during exercise and decrease muscle recovery time after exercise" and

oh-so easy to drink!


We just wish we had found this super product at the start of our programme but better late than never.


Add to that the generous support of Kevin and the team at Push and we are happy little desert runners.


Thanks for coming on board guys! Appreciate it!